Story number 2 for 19 Dec 2002

By December 19, 2002

(Peru)–Elsewhere, there’s been a breakthrough in the outreach to the Quechua Indians of Peru. The Seed Company is launching a project that will bring the Old Testament to nine different Quechua languages within seven years’ time. The Seed Company’s Parke Brown says what’s significant is the local church was the impetus behind the translation project. “They’ve really seen the need themselves for the Old Testament, and so the fact that the nationals themselves are calling for the Old Testament and are desiring to put the time and effort into making it happen, is a really neat part of the ownership that comes with these translations.” Brown says this project is a tangible picture of the nationals’ desire to bring God’s Word to their people. “Be praying as we start all the logistics of this in motion, basically, what we’re trying to do is take on Old Testament that’s almost all completed, and transfer that, using a computer, into the remaining eight languages.” The Seed Company is a member of the Wycliffe family, dedicated to empowering nationals to translate Scripture.

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