Story number 2 for 19 Jun 2000

By June 19, 2000

Next, talks continue as the United Nations Security Council looks for ways to boost the prospects for peace in the Congo. As Rwanda and Uganda entered Congo’s war nearly two years ago, things grew more complicated in trying to end the fighting. The war has devastated economies as well. In the midst of all this, evangelist Sammy Tippit is preparing to share the Gospel…although it’s not without its challenges. “We’re going to an area that has been really difficult in the last few months-an area that is controlled by the rebel forces. We actually have to get a visa via the rebel people rather than the official government-it’s a very difficult place to get to-we’re having to hire a private charter to get in.” Tippit explains why they’re going to the Congo. “When we were in Burundi a couple years ago, in a very similar situation, some of the pastors came down and they saw what God did in Burundi and they said ‘Would you please come up to where we’re at in the Congo and share the Gospel? Our people desperately need the word of God.'”

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