Story number 2 for 19 Mar 2001

By March 19, 2001

(Tanzania)–Next, Tanzania has been asked to investigate accusation that human rights violations occurred during clashes with election protesters in January. Despite the eruption of violence, Global Advance’s David Shibley says there’s a better outlook for the country. “Tanzania, being in Eastern Africa, is ideally situated as a base of operation for the African church, to rise up not only to take the continent of Africa with the Gospel, but also to send missionaries as a 21rst century missionary force into the Islamic world.” Shibley adds that the pastors are looking for training because: “There is openness, there is freedom and tremendous receptivity. The Gospel has really taken hold of Tanzania in the last several years. There’s been wonderful growth, among evangelical churches. It’s a time for setting up these conference to really make a major inroad.” The Frontline Shepherd’s Conferences will be held in two cities in Tanzania this month.

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