Story number 2 for 2 Aug 2002

By August 2, 2002

(USA)–Next, we get an update on the progress of a Seed Company Bible translation project. In an effort to present the Gospel in the heart language for a South East Asian people group, a single translator is trying to finish what he started. But, there has been a serious setback in the work, according to Seed Company spokesman, Parke Brown. “Kang, the key translator for the Oita people from Southeast Asia, has liver cancer that’s been spreading. And so, right now, we’re desperately praying that God would intervene in this situation because Kang is the only one who can do this Bible translation project for this people group.” In fact, the team is awaiting a liver transplant, but the cancer has to stop spreading. Brown says Kang is still working, in despite his illness; he asks believers for prayer. “He has made some serious sacrifices to make this happen. So, beyond the motivation to get the Bible to these people, he’s just a dear Christian brother who’s sacrificed a lot to serve God.”

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