Story number 2 for 2 May 2001

By May 2, 2001

(India)–We turn our attention next to the work of Gospel Revival Ministries. GRM’s John Musser says something recently happened that left their mouths hanging open. “Gospel Revival Ministries has had an entire Bible college, university status, donated to us-that reaches into Burma, Bhutan, Nepal Bangladesh and all the way to Cambodia.” Musser says that, of course, has opened a myriad of other opportunities. “I really had to pick myself off the floor, I’m just totally amazed, because that was our vision, that was our dream, to be able to take native pastors and to mobilize them into these other countries.” Musser says they need help. “We are currently establishing a full-fledged native pastors’ support program in all the countries we just mentioned. They’re, of course, underground; but already, we’re channeling monies to these regions and that God would bless GRM with more people that want to adopt pastors.” Please continue to pray for the outreach ministry of Gospel Revival Ministries in this area.

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