Story number 2 for 20 Feb 2003

By February 20, 2003

(Inda) — Next, increasing amounts of antagonism toward Christians isn’t stopping the spread of the Gospel. Pastor John Meador just returned from Andra Predesh, traveling with AMG International. Meador says equipping national pastors was the original focus. “When we got there we discovered that they had also expanded it to a Gospel meeting kind of format. A total of about 8,000 people came to hear the Gospel. We spent lots of time trying to dissuade them from making a decision if they were not ready to forsake all other gods.” One thousand people made professions of faith. Meador says prayer is needed for pastors and evangelists. “One night we had about 400 evangelists in a meeting and we polled them to find out how many of them of them actually had suffered any kind of physical persecution. And, I would says that 25-percent or 30-percent of those pastors said, ‘yes, I’ve got scars. I’ve had actual bloodshed take place because I’m preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.'”

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