Story number 2 for 20 Sep 2000

By September 20, 2000

Next, Baptists across the former Soviet block are gathering together this week in Latvia to discuss strategies for the church body. Baptist World Alliance’s Paul Montecute explains some of their purpose. “The European Baptist Federation brings together over fifty different Baptist unions and conventions throughout Europe for a time of fellowship and discussion and strategy planning. I think the major issue is that Europe was the continent which was always sending missionaries overseas; now it’s the part of the world which desperately needs the Gospel brought back to it by missionaries.” Montecute adds that rumors of Russia becoming part of the European Union are alluring. “Having worked and prayed for reunification in Europe for so long; to see this beginning to happen and to see Europe coming together is just really so exciting. I think there will be changes in the political map in Europe for years to come. Pray for the small evangelical groups who find it very difficult to witness in areas where they are minorities.”

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