Story number 2 for 21 Jul 2000

By July 21, 2000

Next, mission leaders are dealing with issues as they relate to language and its impact on evangelism. More than 30 mission leaders met recently for the Consultation on Mission Language and Metaphors. Erich Bridges with the International Mission Board says Christians need to communicate the Gospel with inoffensive vocabulary. “We need to search for words and metaphors in the international context. Militant type words that we use that are unnecessary, that are offensive and that could be replaced by better alternatives.” Mission workers should avoid words like target, conquer, and crusade which still provoke violent reaction in the Muslim world. However, Bridges says offending someone isn’t always avoidable in evangelism. “The Gospel is an offense because Jesus Christ does make exclusive claims to Lordship that angers followers of other religions.” The consultation was in response to negative press about mission activity targeting Hindus, Muslims and Jews.

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