Story number 2 for 21 Jun 2002

By June 21, 2002

(Afghanistan)–Next, as the tone in Afghanistan moves out of war and into one of reparations and peacemaking, Christians are finding it’s a good time to be involved. Medical Ambassadors’ International’s Paul Calhoun says the needs are incredible, because the people are still in shock. “One of the things that we’re struggling with, with the aftermath of the Taliban, is that there is great bitterness. 70-percent of the nation is in post-traumatic syndrome. Their lives are impacted so dreadfully by what they have seen.” Calhoun says because of the testimony of their workers, the hope of Christ is penetrating hearts. What’s more important, Medical Ambassadors is trying to help build a future, by breaking the cycle of violence. “One of the things that we do as we teach our moral lessons is to go through what we call the ‘Forgiveness Tree’, pointing out to them that the lack of forgiveness has deep roots in bitterness.”

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