Story number 2 for 22 Feb 2001

By February 22, 2001

(India)–Next, a radio ministry is asking believers to help evangelize the people of India in the wake of last month’s earthquake. Back to the Bible’s Brent Matz says because of the destruction, Hindus in Gujarat are more open to the Gospel. Matz says that’s why they’re raising funds for their Indian radio ministry. ” This money will not go for relief work, we’ve already done that. These funds will be used exclusively to broadcast the life changing Gospel. This tragedy in India has created a hunger for truth, for stability, for a hope that can be relied upon. All of that is found in the Gospel.” Matz says tragedy tends to push people to the Gospel. “It seems like when tragedy strikes people are left with nothing, but a hope that there is a God. And, when they have that kind of hope, when they’re having that kind of search for something to hang on to they are very open to the Gospel.” Back to the Bible is hoping this can help expand their work in India.

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