Story number 2 for 23 Mar 2000

By March 23, 2000

Meanwhile, pastors and lay leaders are participating in seminars in preparation for special meetings in Pakistan in October. Manmin World Mission’s Johnny Kim says Doctor Lee Jae Rock will be holding evangelistic meetings in that Islamic country. Kim explains how they’re able to do this. “We have a lot of Pakistanis here in Korea. And we evangelize them and we taught them the Bible and we trained them so they could evangelize the people in Pakistan. So, when they finished their training here in Korea, they went back to Pakistan and established a church and evangelized the people.” Kim is asking people to pray as they may have a chance to share the Gospel with the leader of Pakistan. “Minister Derick Cyprian promised that he would arrange a special meeting with General Musharraf. If we visit we would like to introduce who Jesus is and how we are so much blessed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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