Story number 2 for 24 Dec 2002

By December 24, 2002

(Peru)–Meanwhile, one well-respected Peruvian Christian will be spending this Christmas behind bars. Colonel David de Vinatea is an evangelical Christian who has been imprisoned since 1995 for supposed drug trafficking. “Very distinguished service in the army, had a successful campaign to root out drug trafficking in the jungles of Peru but because of the corrupt nature of their government he was imprisoned on trumped up charges.” That’s Jerry Kitchel with Open Doors. Last week, a Peruvian judge denied early release despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence. Kitchel says they will continue to work for his release. Please pray for his continued testimony while he’s in prison. “He has been backed by the Christian community around the world who have been praying for him. He’s a devoted evangelical Christian and served very admirably.”

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