Story number 2 for 24 Jul 2002

By July 24, 2002

(India)–Next, despite increasing violence against Christians in India, there’s a huge desire to learn God’s word. According to the Bible League’s Jay Kumar their “Project Philip” Bible study program has seen an incredible response. “Just this year alone, we’re seeing about 435 people a day complete an evangelistic Bible study. Every day we’re seeing 19 cell groups formed. Every day we see 111 people come to faith and become baptized members of the church. That equals over, just in the past nine months, over 30,000 people.” Kumar says that’s why there’s such a demand for Bibles. He says a gift of four-dollars does more than just puts a Bible on someone’s hands. “Active church members who we’ve trained, take them out to their neighborhoods — helping people get engaged in the Bible studies. All the costs for all those involved it comes to about four dollars for a full Bible.” Kumar says people who assist financially get a report on how their money was used and how to pray for the ministry.

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