Story number 2 for 24 Jun 2003

By June 24, 2003

(Laos/Vietnam)–Meanwhile, as tribal people groups in Laos and Vietnam turn to Christ, governments of both countries aren’t happy about their conversions. That’s the word from the President of Far East Broadcasting Company, Jim Bowman. FEBC broadcasts Christian programming to the Hmong and other people groups. “The Hmong themselves have never been very friendly to the national governments and a lot of these Hmong groups are still rather active, so therefore when many of these became Christians the communist view of that was that this was actually a subversive movement to undermine a revolution through the Hmong.” FEBC has been key in this evangelism effort, but Bowman says that part of the ministry is in need. He says the sudden death of their Hmong broadcaster in December has left a big hole. “He was a Hmong raised in Laos, as a matter of fact. Finding leadership to take his roll in the radio broadcasting, I think is our greatest burden right now. ”

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