Story number 2 for 25 Jul 2003

By July 25, 2003

(South Africa)–Meanwhile, HIV/AIDS continues to plague much of the African continent. According to Jack Williams with White Fields, one in four people in parts of Africa have HIV or the AIDS virus. Williams says that astounding statistic is having an impact on church leadership. “We find men that we can trust and the next thing we know you find that they’ve got AIDS and are not going to be available for you within the next two years. And so, it’s a very difficult task for not only the church, but all the countries involved.” According to Williams the church is responding. “The people realize that these people are going to die and they’re going to die without Christ. Whether we can form a church or whether we can reach them with for just church work or whether we are just reaching them, that’s the reason we want to keep them working from sun up to sun set.” Funding is needed to help White Fields support church planting-evangelists in this region hungry for the Gospel.

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