Story number 2 for 26 Jan 2000

By January 26, 2000

Meanwhile, the death toll continues to climb in South America, where
Venezuela is stilling digging out of an incredible mudslide. Pastor Samuel Olson
lives there and is working with Feeding Starving Children International. Olson says
more than 50-thousand are dead and 250-thousand are homeless. He says the need
for food is incredible. “We’re talking about 160,000 children that have to be attended
to on a daily basis. The crops of the nation have been destroyed in five of the states.
The ports can hardly bring in things from the outside because of the recession that
we’re in.” Olson says Feeding Starving children wants to help 10-thousand children at a
cost of 90-thousand dollars. He says as they help, many are open to the Gospel.
“They’re so open to having people pray with them, give them counsel, helping them to
come to grips spiritually with their own lives. And, they want people to come, whether
to pray, whether to receive a word, to show movies like the Jesus Film, it’s an open

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