Story number 2 for 26 Jun 2000

By June 26, 2000

Next, a group of Christian medical ministries recently got together to evaluate the future of Christian hospitals. American Leprosy Mission’s Lance Renault was at the Christian Connections and International Health conference. He says, “A lot of Christian hospitals right now are in trouble. They’re in trouble in not having adequate funding, they’re in trouble with regard to getting adequate staff and their stated mission no longer relevant to the particular needs.” Renault adds that there is still much work that can be accomplished evangelistically, and the review of the medical facilities is ongoing. “It means that people start looking at health more holistically…that health does not mean something that takes place within the clinic, but health is the total person the way Jesus saw it. We need to pray for mission hospitals in general, that they will have the vision to think in new terms.”

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