Story number 2 for 26 Oct 2000

By October 26, 2000

Meanwhile, Evangelical Free Church Mission reports their missionaries on the ground in Jordan are safe. This follows international news accounts of more rioting earlier this week, where hundreds were injured in a clash with Jordanian police. We’ll call our contact “David”; he describes the situation. “We feel the tension; our daughter goes to an Arab school, and yet we are able to function day-to-day in a fairly normal way. We don’t feel that we’re in danger when we go to the store, and yet we see it-we see it in the news, and we know that people are angry.” David believes that element provides a way to talk about the thing they are missing. “One of the things that we’re talking about: “Where is your hope? Are you hoping in the government; are you putting your hope in somehow getting land that you think is yours? If these are the things that you’re putting your hope into, then you’re in for a sad reality, because even if you get those things, they’re not going to satisfy you”;and we’re able to talk then about the hope that can only come through a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

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