Story number 2 for 26 Sep 2002

By September 26, 2002

(Ivory Coast)–Next, U.S. special forces in the Ivory Coast have helped rescue Westerners caught in the country’s deadliest uprising. The evacuation of the CB International-owned International Christian Academy came after several days of rebel-fighting that pinned the students and staff under cross fire. CBI’s Rick Allen. “French troops were escorting them to the city of Yamoussoukro, which is about 40-50 miles south of Bouake where the school is located, and they would be there just temporarily. We don’t know at this time where the next stop is going to be. We are planning on having personnel there to debrief them.” Allen asks people to pray “…for the safety of the personnel as they’re leaving, that they would be able to get to, again, where that next destination will be without any problems. And then, for the other people that are still in the country; we think of the missionaries that are spread out– they don’t have that option to leave.”

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