Story number 2 for 27 Feb 2003

By February 27, 2003

(Cambodia)–Elsewhere, Cambodia’s Buddhists are not taking kindly to evangelistic efforts. A recent teachers’ protest took place because of a Christian word found in a text. Book of Hope’s Ken Huff says they’re still working, but it’s a race against time. “The major opposition leader who’s running for prime ministers’ election is in July, also started running on an almost anti-Christian campaign, trying to raise votes by speaking out against Christianity. ” Huff says their student translation of the book should be finished in April, but the outreach coincides with getting government permission. All that hinges precariously on the politics, elections and sentiment of the moment, barring prayer. “The Book of Hope distribution would be hampered. We would be able to give it out in the schools and try to get it to the children if the prime minister doesn’t say ‘yes’. So, we’re just praying for favor with the head man, because whatever he says goes, and if he says we can hand it out, then it will become an incredible opportunity to get this book out.”

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