Story number 2 for 27 Mar 2003

By March 27, 2003

(USA)–Meanwhile, war tends to have an effect on missions outreach among believers in the United States. Nelson Malwitz is with the Finishers Project. “Right now, there are more Christians in Afghanistan than ever before in all of human history. And so, the open doors that happened as a result of conflict, in this case, are just huge. And, it could be, indeed, that a year from now, there will be more Christians in Iraq than ever before. The Lord will put it on the hearts of many to be engaged in that, and they’re really important portals to begin to reach the Muslim world.” Finishers Project encourages people 25-to-75 to get involved in outreach. Malwitz says at FinishersProject-dot-org you can find out about two important conferences. “One conference this weekend is in Pasadena and the other is in Sacramento the first weekend in April. There will be workshops and plenary sessions giving examples of people who have made the transition from their career, moving into missions ministry.”

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