Story number 2 for 27 Nov 2001

By November 27, 2001

(Afghanistan) — Meanwhile, Operation Mobilization is raising some 600-thousand-dollars to help refugee families in Afghanistan. O-M’s Rusty Garrison says it doesn’t take a lot to help one family. “330 pounds of flour per family costs $73. 1.3 gallons of cooking oil per family is $6.10 and two blankets $11.80. That’s less than $100 to keep one family alive and again to show them the love of Jesus Christ.” Garrison is asking for prayer as their workers return to Afghanistan. He explains why they were forced to leave. “The workers who were in Afghanistan who were arrested, the was a signal to the rest of the workers who were there to leave the country. So, they left within hours. And so, they left everything that they had. The arrest actually protected many other workers.” Call our resource line to find out how to help.

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