Story number 2 for 28 Apr 2003

By April 28, 2003

(Sudan)–Next, U-S sanctions against Sudan will be lifted because Sudan has cooperated with the efforts aiming at an end to the conflict with the rebels in the south. While some praise the move, Voice of the Martyrs’ Todd Nettleton is unconvinced. He says their sources report little has changed for the Christians. “When a country with such an atrocious record on human rights and a government that has literally attacked its own people, when that government can be told, ‘You know what? You guys are doing okay’, I think obviously, that raises some serious questions about the U-N’s ability to manage and motivate human rights.” Nettleton urges vigilance for Christian workers. “Pray for the Christian people in south Sudan. They are worshipping, they are growing in their faith, their churches are growing. I think also we need to pray for the groups and the workers who are working in south Sudan, for their safety. Pray that humanitarian and spiritual aid can get to the people that need it most.”

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