Story number 2 for 28 Mar 2001

By March 28, 2001

(Sudan) — Meanwhile, as civil war continues in Sudan, Christians in the West are helping the victims of that 17-year-old conflict. According to Voice of the Martyrs‘ Todd Neddleton, they’re encouraging people to get involved with the Blankets of Love program. “What we’re doing is collecting blankets to take over to Christian families in south Sudan who have been displaced by the war and the famine and the trouble. You don’t realize what a difference a blanket can make to a family that left literally everything and ran. And so, we’re asking people in America to donate a blanket and to donate $2 to help us get the blanket over to south Sudan.” Neddleton says this program not only gives these families physical warmth, but it gives Sudanese churches, who are delivering the blankets, an opportunity to share the Gospel with those who are hurting physically and spiritually.

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