Story number 2 for 28 May 2001

By May 28, 2001

(Africa)–Meanwhile, a special Bible translation project in a remote area of Ghana is bringing light and hope to an area bathed in decades of witchcraft, animism, and disease. The Seed Company’s Mike Toupin helped with the Paasaal New Testament translation, and says through the work, the Gospel has left an indelible mark. “It’s great to see God’s Word make a difference in people’s lives. For the Paasaal community, they had lived for centuries without the hope that the Gospel brings. Where there weren’t any evangelical churches ten years ago, this is at least eight out there now, and all of them were started by these local Paasaal translators.” Toupin is excited about the next phase of the project, and what it will mean for the continued growth of the church. “They’re actually publishing the New Testament this year. When we started, there wasn’t a single evangelical church in any of those villages; we probably didn’t know more than four or five people who we considered to be ‘believing’ people.”

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