Story number 2 for 28 Nov 2000

By November 28, 2000

Meanwhile, the threat of terrorist activity in Colombia isn’t hindering work of one indigenous ministry there. Christians in Action International’s Bob Spencer says they have a Latin American training center in Palenque (pah-LANG-kee), a small Colombian-African community. “It is a dangerous situation relatively speaking. If you’re talking about comparing it to places that have no civil unrest it is rather dangerous. You could say it is a dangerous place to live, but I would say that Latin Americans are much less a target than North Americans would be in this area.” As Latin Americans seem to be more effective in ministering to Africans, Spencer says they have a need to expand their training center. “They’re trying to expand the building that will be able to house approximately 12 to 15 people that will be in training. So, by next February we need to enlarge the build. That’s our goal right now.” This will allow more Latin Americans to be trained in cross-cultural ministry.

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