Story number 2 for 28 Oct 2002

By October 28, 2002

(Middle East)–Elsewhere, a peace plan, rounds of talks, and threats of war dominate the Middle East. Despite insecurities, though, the body of Christ is preparing to respond, and they’re about to get a much-needed boost from the World Bible Translation Center. WBTC’s Dale Randolph says they are ready to distribute the Gospel of John throughout the region. “Their life is not always easy, but the spirit of the church in the Middle East is becoming more and more positive, I think. I saw a growing interest, in their Muslim neighbors, to look at Scripture and to seek truth.” Randolph says because of the violence, the peace of the Gospel is appealing. “Pray for the Arab Christians that really are generally seeking to share the message of Jesus with other people. Whatever is happening that is making the Muslim people that have said, ‘Hey, in the midst of world events, I’d like to know more about the truth of God’, may God stir that even more.”

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