Story number 2 for 29 Aug 2003

By August 29, 2003

(Liberia)–Meanwhile, amid signs of hope, Liberia’s future remains uncertain. Continued reports of sporadic fighting belie a recent peace accord designed to end the violence once and for all. Evangelical Baptist Missions’ Paul Jackson shares how their team is coping. “Things are still difficult. There are people walking around with guns, and, in some cases, taking what they want. But, there is a sense of hope now that we haven’t heard for a while.” Jackson explains that the political changes fuel hope, and at the same time creates access for new ministry. “One thing that we did hear, that was tremendously encouraging, was that people that they had been working with for a long period of time, are very, very open to the Gospel. There are a number of people coming to Christ. We were told that whether or not they get their old churches rebuilt, at this point, when this whole thing is over, they’re going to probably start brand new and filled with new believers.” Jackson asks people to pray for the Christians in Liberia as the struggle with the humanitarian needs as well as the spiritual ones.

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