Story number 2 for 29 Nov 2000

By November 29, 2000

We turn next to Tajikistan, where Christians are experiencing a sinister harassment. The situation culminated last month with a deadly explosion in a church. While the bombing suspects have already been arrested, believers are wary. Medical Ambassadors International’s Glen Reeves explains what this could mean for missions. “The disturbing thing about that was they [the bombs] appeared to be placed to maximize death and injury and not just scare people, or intimidate. I’m not sure that the overall strategy is going to change very much. There are still outreaches in areas in the larger cities and some of the smaller villages throughout the country.” Reeves says Christians need to pray: “…that the believers would have boldness, both the nationals and the ex-patriot workers, to proclaim their faith; and prudence to do it in an acceptable and yet truthful and clear manner.”

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