Story number 2 for 3 Jul 2002

By July 3, 2002

(Africa)–We turn next to the continent of Africa, where leaders came away from the G-8 Summit dissatisfied. The meeting in Canada ended last week without a clear plan for Africa, apart from promises to reduce debts. Trans World Radio’s Rich Greene says this sets the groundwork not only for new outreach, but also for the African Union Summit. “This is a time of great need. What we can certainly pray for is these leaders will come to consensus on what can we do for our continent. So, the time is now: Africa, if you’re going to have a future, you’re going to have to deal with the present.” Greene says they are responding to the spiritual needs, because: “There has to be a spiritual dimension to anything like this. Africa needs Christ and the church needs to spread in advance of the Gospel. You have Islam spreading throughout the continent and certainly the Gospel needs to be proclaimed. We’re excited at Trans World Radio that we can help do that.”

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