Story number 2 for 3 Oct 2000

By October 3, 2000

Meanwhile, there’s been more political turmoil in Bolivia. Local news accounts report that Bolivia is going through its most violent strikes since it became a democracy in 1982. Strikers are protesting farming conditions, low teacher’s pay, the condition of the roads and the overall poor economy in general. Food for the Hungry’s Steve Corbett. “What’s going to calm it down? It’s hard to say. They’re in negotiations right now, over a number of different issues. I’m not sure what it’s going to take. It seems like even now though, it’s calmed down a little bit. Out in the regions, a number of staff were caught out there; we weren’t able to evacuate them until the day before yesterday. We’re holding all our staff in until we feel that it’s calm enough to go back and forth.” ) Corbett asks that people pray for peace in Bolivia, for safety for the Bolivians, and pray: “…for people, missions and agencies like us that have a lot of nationals on staff that are Christians…that they not get caught up in any of the violence and that we’d be able to continue to minister to the people God called us to minister to.”

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