Story number 2 for 30 Jan 2001

By January 30, 2001

(India)–Our attention now shifts to World Concern, also on the ground responding to India’s calamity. Quake survivors wavered between fear and numbness as the effect of the disaster unfolded. World Concern’s Teri Johnson explains how they’re responding. “World Concern is working with Churches Auxiliary for Social Action, based in India. CASA is on the ground and so they can respond more effectively and they’ve done a lot of work with droughts, floods and earthquakes in the past throughout India. So basically, we are just giving them our resources, and they’ll know what to do with them.” Johnson adds that through their work, the plan of the Gospel is being introduced to the quake survivors and their families. “As we provide for the needs of the people, CASA can also be sharing the love of Christ, as well. Hopefully, during this real time of need, it will give them hope and something to grasp onto and re-evaluate who to trust.”

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