Story number 2 for 31 Jan 2001

By January 31, 2001

(India)–Meanwhile, Operation Mobilization is thanking God for his protective hand. O-M’s Lane Powell says they have work in the earthquake zone. “O-M India is one of our largest fields. We have about 750 workers there anyway. When this earthquake hit we had a large number of people right there in the country who could immediately get involved. In fact, some of our people were actually in Bhuj, at the epicenter of the quake and are okay – have now been found and accounted for.” Powell says they’re sending a medical team to assist. These surviving workers share the love of Christ in a physical way. Powell says it’s ironic that Christian groups are helping. “It is interesting in Gujarat has been quite resistant to Christianity. We just don’t know what doors this might open up. We’re not using this as an evangelistic time per say, but who knows how God might use these acts of compassion.
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