Story number 2 for 31 Jan 2002

By January 31, 2002

(Nepal)–Next, fears are mounting among educators in rural Nepal over a recent wave of killings by Maoist rebels. Since the state of emergency began last November, guerrillas have targeted teachers and village officials in an effort to keep control of the rural areas. While that poses security concerns, it doesn’t directly affect the Association of Christian Schools International. ACSI’s Dave Wilcox. “The school for the missionary kids and for the that international community is right in capital city of Katmandu, where there is greater security than there is in the outlying areas. The international Christian school teachers tend to be in the areas which are still safe enough for missionaries to have their families with them.” Wilcox says their teachers need constant prayer support. “It would seem that folks are making shorter-term commitments of service overseas. And yet, if you could think of a school in America that had a 50-percent turnover of staff every year, you would know that that would be a difficult place for schools to improve and grow and do curriculum development.”

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