Story number 2 for 31 Oct 2000

By October 31, 2000

Next, the civil war in Sudan has shattered lives and left thousands of traumatized orphans. Bethany Christian Services is working with a group of Sudanese refugees to bring them to the States. Bethany’s Laurie Tibble. “These children are Christians, leaving because of fear of persecution because of their Christianity…been in a camp, cannot return-many of them are orphans. United States High Commission has been working to get them released. We have 14 of them coming within the next couple weeks.” Tibble says the first group will be coming to Grand Rapids, Michigan, adding that the church community is already embracing the group. Tibble says there’s a big adjustment ahead and people can be: “…praying for safety, and for peace, because they’re still going to come here with a lot of psychological trauma. The whole group had very little education, so they will need special friends.”

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