Story number 2 for 4 Apr 2002

By April 4, 2002

(Angola)–We turn next to Angola, where UNITA rebels intend to sign a formal cease-fire today in the country’s nearly three-decade-old civil war. The agreement marks an historic moment since three earlier peace deals have failed. Trans World Radio’s Rich Greene says now is a good time to take advantage of the open door for outreach expansion. “We believe that God is moving in that country of 13-million people. We expect to see additional work set up; follow up work is now going to be able to move forward. We want to be able to provide additional radios, particularly these wind-up radios so that people can hear the Word of God taught in their own language. We’re going to add new languages for this country, and hopefully set up some FM stations in major cities.” Trans World Radio will now be able to broadcast the Gospel from Luanda, and Lubongo.

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