Story number 2 for 6 Jan 2003

By January 6, 2003

(Yemen)–Our next story is a follow-up to the murders of three Southern Baptist hospital mission workers in Yemen. Martha Myers, Bill Koehn were laid to rest on the hospital grounds December 31rst. Kathy Gariety’s remains were flown to the United States for burial. Al Lindholm, another Southern Baptist worker in Yemen, says theirs is a long-standing story that will be told. “I think it’s a great testimony that Martha and Bill were buried here. It shows that they belong to Yemen and they belong to this community, and people are going to show respect to the sacrifice they made and remember it.” International Mission Board President, Jerry Rankin promises they will continue their work in Yemen. “The needs of the people continue. The reason our personnel are there is because of those needs and our caring concern for those needs of the people. So, certainly, we will continue to explore the options of how we might continue the ministry to which God has called us.”

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