Story number 2 for 6 Jul 2001

By July 6, 2001

(Cambodia)–Next, the world’s poor face a mounting threat from flood and famine. Experts say their vulnerability is increased by climate, social changes and globalization, which makes recovering from disaster difficult. World Concern’s Kreg Mallow explains how this has increased the challenges of their work in Cambodia. “They’ve started from ground zero, after the Killing Fields. They’re just working on establishing their road systems in the country, building infrastructure with electricity and water. So that was a lot of the challenge in the beginning, when we started in the early 90’s, was just working without all that infrastructure there.” Mallow asks people to pray that the Gospel finds root. “Buddhism is the state religion, but there’s a minority of Muslims as well as Christians in the country; they have freedom to worship. Cambodia needs good leaders in the government, in the church and in society. Leaders who care about their country, who have morals, who have standards. People who are humble and willing to serve.”

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