Story number 2 for 6 Mar 2000

By March 6, 2000

Next, workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo fear there could be another genocide on the African continent. Christian Blind Mission International’s David McAllister is providing services to the blind in the area. He explains what they’re facing. “Two ethnic groups, one called Lendu, one called Hema were beginning to disagree in a very violent manner about land issues. And, this exploded into very severe massacres with machetes and arrows. We could see this thing exploding like what we witnessed down in Rwanda. It was the same kind of ethnic tension.” McAllister says there’s a small U-N peace keeping force there now, but tensions are still high. “It is a spiritual battle at the moment. I know the church leaders in that area are struggling with it. They need prayer. They need our support. And, I just can’t tell you very easily that yes, Christ is victorious in that area and we’ll win because evil forces are very much at large.” Pray that Christian Blind Mission will receive the funding needed to help these people.

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