Story number 2 for 7 Sep 2001

By September 7, 2001

(India)–Meanwhile, there’s a new warmth in ties between India and the U-S. After years of cool relations, officials from both countries have committed to work together on a variety of issues. That’s a perfect tie-in with the latest good news from Trans World Radio. TWR’s Tom Watkins is excited about what’s happening with the Bundeli broadcast. “I think it’s one of the real exciting things-the way that God is using radio-that we can, in essence, go into places where there is an illiterate population, that they can’t read the Bible, they can’t read Christian literature, but radio is there. We’re just really thrilled that God has opened up this opportunity to us.” Watkins says this ministry needs prayer support. “Prayer is obviously a tremendous need for a broadcast like this-to undergird what we’re doing when we’re working in an area of the world like this, where idol worship is quite prevalent, we’re certainly trying to march in enemy territory-there’s no question about that.”

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