Story number 2 for 8 Apr 2002

By April 8, 2002

(Indonesia)–Meanwhile, there’s word from Indonesia that tensions are stirring. The first major violation of a truce in the Maluku Province has Christians and Muslims on edge. However, that doesn’t mean all the progress has been lost.
Back to the Bible’s Gregory Bacon says they’ve felt the effects of the peace efforts. “The general political condition in Indonesia is much better nowadays, and the possibility of ministry expansion is greater than it has been. This is very different from even a year ago, when staff members of the office were receiving death threats on a fairly regular basis.” Bacon says their radio programming has been reaching people with the Gospel, but they are requesting support from the church. “Some of the challenges that we are facing are: knowing how best to prioritize our programming and evaluate its effectiveness. We’re having to select key leaders and Bible teachers and help our national offices raise their local support.”

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