Story number 2 for 8 Jul 2003

By July 8, 2003

(Congo)–Meanwhile, time is short to help reach an unreached people group in the Congo. Hope Builders International is raising 18-thousand dollars to help Evangelical Rural Mission infiltrate a tribal group that’s never seen an outsider, let alone heard the Gospel. ERM’s DeWalt (De Valt) Vandenberg. “Our first objective is obviously to befriend them. The second thing is that we will be able to stay with them. We hear they have a lot of medical problems. And then, obviously, by staying with them in the village we are trusting the Lord that the Lord will open their hearts for the Gospel.” They have until August to raise the money needed. Vandenberg says this could help a whole people group come to Christ. “We will take the converts and trust that one of them will be able to take us further up into the northern jungles, going deeper and deeper, until we’ve reached the most northern parts of the Congo.”

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