Story number 2 for 8 Jun 2000

By June 8, 2000

We turn next to the extreme eastern section of Indonesia where trouble simmers following a bloody massacre last week. Several Christian humanitarian aid organizations have pulled out because of the security problems. Voice of the Martyrs’ Todd Nettleton. “It’s an extremely difficult place to work at this point especially in some of the islands where there is much violence. There are some islands that have been cleared of Christians. It’s an extremely difficult situation-we’ve heard reports of Christians hiding in the jungles.” Nettleton adds that even though it appears the dust is settling, there are great needs. “I think the overwhelming need is for humanitarian aid for people living in the jungles-they need food, they need clothes, they need medical attention. And I think we can pray especially for the Christians there that they’ll have courage. We find again and again, in places where persecution is the highest, the church is also growing the fastest.”

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