Story number 2 for 8 Mar 2001

By March 8, 2001

(Russia)–Next, with the final shipment released yesterday, Russian leaders are showing support for Christians because of a shoe box gift program. In cooperation with Samaritan’s Purse, Russian Ministries is distributing 163-thousand shoeboxes – which includes gifts and a scripture booklet. Russian Ministries George Law. “These different leaders have challenged other religious groups (saying) what are you doing for our kids in our society. Look, it’s the Christians that are doing something. This is really good news because it has been difficult to overcome a lot of the years of prejudice.” Law says one shoebox went to a hospitalized Chechen refugee boy, which saw great spiritual fruit. “This son and father are both Muslim. They both (came) to faith in Christ. And, then they take some of the materials and display it right on the walls for everyone to see.”

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