Story number 2 for 8 Nov 2000

By November 8, 2000

Next, we told you about political problems in Indonesia yesterday, but now there’s word that flooding is plaguing that country. Reports indicate that at least 52 people have died in mudslides in Java. AMG International’s Paul Jenks says prayer is needed. “The continued unrest in Indonesia is a real concern. Prayer for the national workers who are in areas where these militants live. And, there is the additional issue of the flooding that’s going on there. And, this all bring difficulties for our national workers and the children that we help through our child care ministry.” Jenks says their staff is safe. However, funding is needed to help their ministry programs. “We have 158 church planters, we’re also doing a child care ministry with about 1,500 children through a sponsorship program. We have three Christian schools and we do newspaper evangelism there. And, even though it’s a Muslim country we’ve seen amazing results.”

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