Story number 2 for 8 Oct 2001

By October 8, 2001

(India)–Meanwhile, an incredible opportunity to see millions come to Christ in India is just a month away. 300-million Dalits, or untouchables, are expected to renounce Hinduism on November 4th. Some say they’ll turning to Christianity. Operation Mobilization’s Peter Dance says that may be true, but they may not want a true relationship with Christ. “There isn’t 300-million people just waiting to make a personal profession with Jesus Christ. And, I think some of the rhetoric gives that impression. They’re open right now, and I think this is a God given opportunity. But, they’re actually longing for dignity and respect.” Dance says people need to pray for this incredible outreach opportunity. “God is using this (to) open the hearts of millions and millions of Dalits and of course giving us, the church, the opportunity to reach into those hearts. So, there’s a spiritual battle that’s going on and definitely the opposition will be there. We’re praying hard that there won’t be a lot of rioting and loss of life.”

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