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Published on 09 April, 2001

Story number 2 for 9 Apr 2001

(Malawi)–Meanwhile, seasonal flooding in Malawi hasn’t stopped theological education in that east African country. Malawi has seen 52 people killed in the flooding. However, Larry Brown with the African Bible College says their ministry continues without interruption. “Where the college is, we’re up on a 3,400 foot plateau there and so we’re kind of free from that. I don’t think that flooding has been to the extent that it’s really causing a lot of our students any great dislocation.” Brown, who’s staying at D&D Missionary Homes in Florida, says this is good news because the African Bible College is key to evangelism. “Many of our graduates will go on to become pastors. Many others will become teachers in the public school system. Malawi is closing its teacher colleges due to lack of funds, but their ministry of education has approved our graduates to teach in their public schools.”

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About Malawi

  • Primary Language: English
  • Primary Religion: Christianity
  • Evangelical: 19.6%
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