Story number 2 for 9 Feb 1999

By February 9, 1999

Meanwhile, Christians are providing for the physical needs of Ukrainians as a way to share the Gospel in that former Soviet block country. Cara Denney is with Eastern European Outreach and is living in Kiev. She says the poor economy and harsh winter is taking a toll on families. Denney says that’s why they’ve started a child sponsorship program. “It’s more than just sponsoring that one child. The gift of 25-dollars the amount that an American family might spend to go out to pizza once could feed a whole family. The exchange rate of dollars to the local currency is very good right now.” Denney says the sponsorship program helped lead one Ukrainian father to Christ as his wife prayed for their children. “Right as she began to pray the phone rang and it was the Eastern European Outreach director for her area calling to say that and American sponsor had decided to sponsor their two children. It was an immediate answer to prayer and right then the father gave his life to God.”

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