Story number 2 for 9 Feb 2000

By February 9, 2000

We turn next to Sudan where the United Nations has suspended operations to
the country because of the volatile Upper Nile region. Fighting there has displaced
thousands of people. However, it has not hampered Christian radio in the region.
Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung was in the area and asked a number of Christian
leaders about the impact of Christian radio among the Nuer and the Dinka speaking
people. “We had a group meeting of virtually the whole village. We just asked how
many people listened and it was a very big majority that did. And, that’s in a place
where there’s not electricity. I’m sure most of those people don’t own their own radios,
but there is listening that is done in a shared experience and the church is growing.”
DeYoung says there’s a reason they are so interested in the programming. “The
government of Sudan, of course the official language is Arabic, therefore when people
are able to hear something in their mother tongue, Nuer in this case, whether it’s Gospel
programming or not it something that’s very appealing novelty for them.”

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