Story number 3 for 1 Aug 2001

By August 1, 2001

(Liberia)–Liberia recently celebrated a century and a half of independence on July 26th. Even as the people revel in their freedom, High Adventure Ministry’s Paul Hunter says they’re trying to show them what the real thing is all about. High Adventure is ready to launch a new FM Christian radio station today. Hunter says the timing couldn’t be better. “That’s a political independence, but the greater independence comes through faith in Jesus Christ. The essence of the Gospel is the liberation that Christ gave to us. The Gospel works from the inside out, from the heart outward to touching the nations and basically, with the independence comes a celebration.” Hunter says their new work is exciting, and has been a long time in coming. “We’re going on about eight hours a day, to start with. We have been on the air with several programs, but in the meantime, we’ve been trying to get together all the programming so we could go on (the air) with the regular staff.” High Adventure is dedicated to communicating hope, healing and restoration to all nations through a global broadcasting network

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